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Your restaurants, nightlife, retail stores, child care centers, nonprofit organizations, medical facilities, beauty salons, barber shops, etc. are vital to the Albany, GA community.

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Since 2015, the Albany Business League has served as a hub for minority-owned businesses to network, share resources and empowers each other. In the first year of operation, we held several events to publicize the organization and to build a database of business owners and entrepreneurs in the community.

ABL fosters the growth, creation, and development of successful business enterprises owned, operated and managed by people of color and minorities in metro Albany and Dougherty Co. Are you ready to join?

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The Albany Business League is here to usher in a new era for Albany, GA. We are here to celebrate what makes Albany unique, it’s you! Our 2017 campaign, ‘We Are Albany’, establishes that what makes Albany great is not one type of person or business, but a colorful tapestry of many businesses that make Albany a great place to live.

Be a part of the celebration! Join the Albany Business League today and be a part of the We Are Albany Movement! Together, we will create a more progressive and inclusive Albany. And never forget, your dollars matter, your business matters, YOU MATTER!

Sherrell Byrd
Chair, Albany Business League

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